When your auto manufacturer’s warranty is about to run out or has run out, you’re responsible for any mechanical breakdowns your vehicle incurs. That can lead to thousands of dollars in auto and home repairs. Haywire Protection can shield you from those high costs with a vehicle protection plan that will pay the mechanic directly for parts and labor.


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Our history of serving our customers and keeping their vehicles on the road speaks for itself!



Peace of mind that you & your family can count on. In fact, we and our administrators have given so many customers true satisfaction and peace of mind when their vehicle has needed repairs that we created this whole website to display them all!


Haywire Protection
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07:32 05 Dec 23
All these companies LIE. They don't simply give you a quote, they want to collect your info and call you constantly.UPDATE in response to "Owner's response": The fact is I NEVER asked you to call me. Companies like yours seem to access or buy records from the DMV and call & mail people. I fix my own Vehicles thus I would never call you or need you.Companies like yours call me & mail me junk all the time trying to sell me crab I don't need, nor I asked for.
Lorry EvansLorry Evans
16:05 14 Nov 23
We had our truck in the shop for almost 3 weeks trying to get them to acknowledge/pay a diagnostic and repair claim. The shop submitted the claim online TWICE. You cannot speak with ANYONE. They only have an answering service that gives you an email address that no one answers. This company is a SCAM. They take your money and completely ignore your claim.
Leonor BanuelosLeonor Banuelos
20:43 29 Jun 23
I enjoy your staff courtesy very much. Brittany was very helpful and thorough and detailed in her explanations. I LOVED YOUR BUSINESS TITLE. Very Very OOORRRRIIIGGGGIIINNNAAALLL!!!!!!. And last but not least it is nice to talk to a actual person when leaving a message for another staff.👍👍👍
Essie NelsonEssie Nelson
04:10 30 Dec 22
I was please with the service I received. I would definitely recommend this coverage to anyone reading this. When I needed a repair it didn't take long to get the OK so that the work can be done and everyone I talked to from the company was very pleasant.
Earl LopezEarl Lopez
06:56 23 Dec 22
A great motorcycle warranty company to work with and has serviced our bikes very well. They stand behind their products. Thanks for all the great service!
Genevieve PattersonGenevieve Patterson
22:51 18 Dec 22
I have had different Home Warranty Companies with our different properties. Haywire Protection provides the best service using top companies to service customers. Thank You Haywire protection!
Isabella RamírezIsabella Ramírez
23:01 15 Dec 22
Outstanding customer service with my dishwasher! All my calls were answered and was so impressed with agent who came to my home. Great warranty company. Never had to wait to talk to anyone
Salvator MarcosSalvator Marcos
00:32 28 Nov 22
Juan was a great professional making sure to answer all my questions. Never made me feel like I wasn't important but took his time to make sure I understood what I could expect from him and the company. Excellent service!
Douglas JohnsonDouglas Johnson
04:14 06 Nov 22
Haywire has one of the lowest priced warranties for the maximum coverage. When my control arm was making noises I called them and they were professional and approved my claim. I just paid my 100 dollar deductible vs 850 dollars. I'm happy with this company
Troy LaneTroy Lane
02:01 06 Nov 22
Signed up this June after failing to renew the coverage after purchasing my home in 2020. Ended up signing up for their platinum coverage, I called to file a claim which was pretty easy. They scheduled the time and date for a tech to come out. The tech was 15 minutes early and within 2 hours the part was installed. The claims process and saving money on the repairs of the home are well worth money spent.
mehdi kakavandmehdi kakavand
05:28 20 Oct 22
My turbo went out on my BMW and I was very worried that Haywire wouldn't cover it. After 2 days of waiting they called me letting me know that my turbo was going to be covered. This company will go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. Thank you for the help
Salem SheabSalem Sheab
05:07 20 Oct 22
The service at this company is absolutely amazing! I had 2 appliances in different rooms that needed repairing, and they were taken care of quickly without any hassle or delay. The employees here really know what their doing- professional yet personable too make you feel comfortable from start to finish 🙂
Louis MolinaLouis Molina
22:13 17 Oct 22
My father's car broke down and he told me how he bought a warranty a while back. I knew It wasn't going to help so I called to cancel. After speaking to man he let me know how they are a real company that puts their customers 1st. I let him know how my dad's car is down and I was able to file a claim for him. My dad picked up the car today and mentioned that it's running better than ever! I will be calling later this month to cover my car too!
Adam MunozAdam Munoz
20:15 17 Oct 22
Haywire's customer service is one of the best I've seen. Everyone there has a polite tone in their voice and knows how to do business efficiently, which means less time waiting on hold or getting emails from them!
wilma koumouwilma koumou
01:50 17 Oct 22
My wife and I bought our 1st home and we signed up with Haywire so we won't have to worry about unexpected repair bills that could set us back financially. We both personally liked how we were treated over the phone. Mike should get a raise, he was kind without being too pushy or aggressive.
Johnnie PerkinsJohnnie Perkins
21:28 16 Oct 22
With the help of one customer service rep, I was also able to get my truck’s warranty in just minutes. She really took care and made sure that everything was taken care off for me so there were no hiccups along our journey together!
Blanca GravesBlanca Graves
20:25 16 Oct 22
I'm a 20 year old student living on his own working a part time job. My budget is almost close to nothing so I was glad to find coverage for only $79 a month. I am writing this review because they saved me $1,500 on an engine repair. I don't know what I would of done if I didn't have a warranty. Thank you guys!!!
Randolph MckenzieRandolph Mckenzie
20:16 16 Oct 22
When we started having problems with our motorcycle, filing a claim to get it fixed was the best decision ever. Not only did they come out and fix all of my issues in no time flat but also charged me less than what's considered affordable by most people!
Margie CastilloMargie Castillo
02:38 13 Oct 22
There are many options for coverage and I was able to walk with my wife through each one. They made sure we understood what their services were, as well as how much it would cost before making a decision on which policy suited us best! The customer service team has been amazing - always there when you need them but not too pushy about sales tactics like some companies can be over email or phone conversations (I know because recently happened). In addition they also added a year maintenance at no extra cost.
Alberto KellyAlberto Kelly
17:34 11 Oct 22
I bought a 2020 car as is from a dealership. I am glad I was able to get a warranty from it because I've been reading that there's a lot of electrical problems with Dodge vehicles. I ended up going with the gold package to cover my computers and sensors. I had a great experience with them over the phone
Josephine RamosJosephine Ramos
14:33 09 Oct 22
My friend recommended me this company after Carshield ripped me off for almost 2 years. They didn't Fix any of my problems. My friend said to check out Haywire because It worked for him. After reading some reviews I was convinced that it was a better choice.
Russell SernaRussell Serna
03:56 05 Oct 22
When my cars water pump went out I only had 80 dollars in the bank since I'm in college. I'm beyond greatful that I had a complementary towing package with my warranty. I didn't pay for my tow which made me feel good since I'm always in a budget. I give this company a 5 out of 5 stars
Sam AliSam Ali
12:32 05 Sep 22
Haywire was recomended to me by my sister. The thing that really stood out to me is that they stand behind their product. My rep Juan told me that him, his co-workers and managers have a warranty which made me feel good and not like i was going to get scammed.
Norbert BritoNorbert Brito
23:49 01 Aug 22
Great customer service was given throughout the whole process. Bruce is very informed, and he will show you all of your options before you make a decision. He was able to respond to all of my questions and has good communication skills. He will go above and above to find the best insurance for your requirements and to make sure you get the most out of the insurance you choose. When calling this business, you will get prompt and courteous replies. I highly suggest that you utilize them for your requirements in terms of vehicle insurance.
Krista CurryKrista Curry
02:32 29 Jun 22
They provided me with a fantastic 6-month policy with significantly more coverage than my current provider. They made it far too simple. I currently have throat cancer and am unable to communicate. They were extremely patient, and their customer service was excellent. I really saved just under $300 for my six-month subscription using this company, and it's also an excellent one. I will undoubtedly continue to do business with them. I would strongly advise others to use them!
Alexander McguireAlexander Mcguire
21:30 27 Jun 22
We've been using Haywire Protection for both business and personal insurance, and they've been fantastic! They were extremely helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable in their field! I just spoke with Kristy on the phone, and she immediately and efficiently assisted me in resolving my issue. I'm not afraid to ask questions since I know they'll do whatever it takes to get them addressed! I can say, if you go to them you will not be disappointed!
Juan HicksJuan Hicks
21:27 27 Jun 22
Doug and his team are exceptional. They adopt a proactive approach to providing service to their customers. As a young business owner, I am fortunate to be working with such knowledgeable staff who can assist me in the proper route when it comes to safeguarding my company's assets. Doug is straightforward and unafraid to tell it how it is, even if it isn't what you want to hear. That is very appreciated.
Arnold BensonArnold Benson
21:24 27 Jun 22
I came here because of the positive reviews on Google. After everything was said and done, I was pleasantly surprised. AL was extremely pleasant, accommodating, knowledgeable, patient, and professional. It was easy to swap my old policies, and I saved a lot of money. AL makes me feel like he has my back (and he does). Their company is incredible. I've already told a friend about it. I would strongly advise others to use them!
Kerry AndrewsKerry Andrews
20:45 27 Jun 22
For me, Bruce at Haywire Protection did an excellent job. I was able to save roughly 40% over my former insurer by bundling my auto and home insurance. I also got a wonderful deal on motorcycle insurance. It was simple to obtain a quote and begin my new policy. Bruce described all of the different coverages to me in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for your excellent service. Highly recommend them!
Kelly ThomasKelly Thomas
12:10 27 Jun 22
You'd have to give me more than five stars to accurately rate this firm. Haywire Protection has provided me with nothing but amazing service and dedication. This firm has not only been pleasant to deal with, but they have also been quite helpful in locating the appropriate insurance at an affordable price. I would recommend Haywire Protection to anyone looking for a trustworthy insurance business. Thank you for the amazing service!
Anne WaltersAnne Walters
23:42 24 Jun 22
For motor insurance, my roommate recommended Haywire Protection, and I was blown away by their expertise and dedication. When I spoke with Juan, he was really interested in finding me the greatest bargain on auto insurance. Give these folks a call if you're searching for non-pushy and professional agents to assist you with your search! They're fantastic! I'll make sure to tell my friends and family about them! Thank you!
Lora HarperLora Harper
23:39 24 Jun 22
Since 2018, I've been a client of Haywire Protection. During that time, their knowledgeable agents have always provided me with prompt and courteous service. They constantly find me the greatest rates and are concerned about meeting my insurance requirements. I recommend calling or going in for a quote or policy to anyone who wants to save money while doing business with their helpful personnel. They exemplify excellent customer service. Highly recommend them!
Latoya CollierLatoya Collier
23:30 24 Jun 22
This business is fantastic! I've been with them for a long time. They are by far the best insurance company I've ever worked with! I've suggested them to a number of my friends, and they all agree that they're fantastic. Customer service and first impressions are extremely important, and they got a perfect score on both! Thank you very much for going above and above the call of duty! Maintain your old-school techniques. I would strongly suggest them to anyone seeking auto insurance!
A Google User
A Google User
23:30 24 Jun 22
My wife and I bought our 1st home and we signed up with Haywire so we won't have to worry about unexpected repair bills that could set us back financially. We both personally liked how we were treated over the phone. Mike should get a raise, he was kind without being too pushy or aggressive.
Sherry LarsonSherry Larson
20:52 22 Jun 22
The agent is quick and attentive. Juan is easy to reach and responds quickly to my requests. He's a consummate professional who has assisted me in saving money on my auto insurance. I've referred him to others, and they've all been quite pleased. They should run a commercial claiming, "By switching to them, I saved money on my vehicle insurance!" I am so glad that I found them. Highly recommend them!
Belinda NorrisBelinda Norris
20:47 22 Jun 22
Throughout the entire procedure, excellent customer service was provided. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and will present you with all of your alternatives before you make a final selection. He had excellent communication skills and was able to answer all of my queries. He will go above and above to discover the greatest insurance for your needs and to ensure that you receive the most benefits from your chosen insurance. When contacting this company, you will receive rapid and professional responses. I strongly advise you to use them for your auto insurance needs.
Walter MedinaWalter Medina
09:36 11 Jun 22
One of my colleagues recommended this company to me and I decided to call them. I did not feel pressured by Bruce during our conversation. He answered all of my questions and patiently waited when I was asked about the details. I compared four other insurance companies and Haywire Protection offered the best deal. I will be recommending them to my friends and family
Alonzo ThorntonAlonzo Thornton
00:41 09 Jun 22
Richard was able to assist me and find me a rate that I was willing to pay. I called Haywire Protection again after getting a few more prices and was pleased with what he had found for me. Plus, he was able to discover another payment plan for me, allowing me to reduce my already low monthly by $4. It was a wonderful experience. I'd tell my friends about this company!
Pablo EllisPablo Ellis
00:57 08 Jun 22
My experience with this company has been most pleasant. Richard was the agent that helped me with my decision to use them for my home warranty. He was extremely helpful and was able to answer all my questions. Very courteous and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain in detail how everything worked. Highly recommended!
Harvey CummingsHarvey Cummings
00:50 08 Jun 22
This company was excellent and provided a top-class service at all times. The staff, Juan, who I dealt with was courteous and very professional and nothing was too much trouble. They have the best deals to offer and they are reliable too. Excellent service! I would recommend this to anybody! Thank you so much!!
Willie RoyWillie Roy
17:24 31 May 22
Mario will go above and beyond in his service to you! He is very great. To be honest, I've never met somebody with such outstanding customer service skills. He genuinely cares about you, and he won't stop until you're happy. Request Mario if you decide to use Haywire Protections for your vehicles or home. I am confident that you will be pleased with his customer service.
Harold BryanHarold Bryan
16:57 31 May 22
Haywire Protection has been my insurance provider for almost two years. They use systems that are simple to use and a streamlined procedure. The underwriters are friendly and willing to work with brokers to find a solution for their clients. Our BDM, Bruce, has been really helpful in assisting and growing the book. Overall, I was quite impressed with the service. Their insurances are great.
Virgil WaltersVirgil Walters
16:22 31 May 22
Haywire Protection is a pleasure to work with. They have a strong squad of technical underwriters who would be pleased to talk to you about a case. They genuinely help where they can, which isn't always the case with today's insurance. Richard calls our office on a regular basis to check in on us and offer his support. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Haywire Protection for many years.
Violet CobbViolet Cobb
19:05 26 May 22
My sister got into an accident that was not her fault at all. All I have to say is that the service was outstanding. They dealt with it by paying out for the car in a quick manner. A car was supplied for hire. The staff was excellent. During that stressful time, the customer service offered was outstanding. I can't thank them enough, and I believe I will switch my policy to Haywire Protection when it comes to renewal. Keep it up.
Samantha McgeeSamantha Mcgee
07:36 21 May 22
As simple as asking for assistance with my account, the procedure goes smoothly and quickly. Bruce was prompt in responding to my emails and implementing my policies. Haywire Protection has excellent rates and coverage, and I intend to remain a customer for many years to come. I'm quite pleased with their service.
Violet HuffViolet Huff
22:36 18 May 22
Kristy's expertise, politeness, thoughtfulness, and execution are unrivaled. Kristy made certain that our home's coverage was complete and that it met our requirements. She even suggested covers that I hadn't considered - and which, after more discussion, made perfect sense! She didn't try to upsell us; instead, she wanted to make sure our insurance coverage met our needs. I can't say enough good things about Kristy and the Haywire Protection Company - they're fantastic!


Peace of mind that you & your family can count on. In fact, we and our administrators have given so many customers true satisfaction and peace of mind when their vehicle has needed repairs that we created this whole website to display them all!

Haywire Protection
Research Reveals Nearly
75% of Homeowners and
63% of Vehicle Owners
Are Unprotected

Each year, millions of Americans across this great nation experience mishaps, accidents, and breakdowns related to their vehicles, RVs, homes, boats, and motorcycles.Although many such issues are covered by insurance, research regarding policies has revealed a glaring gap in coverage, putting tens of millions of homes, RV, and vehicle owners at risk of significant financial hardship

Data Reveals Nearly 75% of Homeowners and 63% of Vehicle Owners Are One Mishap Away from Financial Disaster

According to research compiled by Haywire Protection and sourced from leading real estate and automotive companies, nearly 75% of homeowners and 63% of vehicle owners do not have an extended warranty on their home or vehicle.

Homeowners at Risk

Owning a home is a dream come true for many Americans. However, home ownership isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. For many individuals, the high cost of home repairs has left many households struggling to keep afloat.Data from insurance companies reveals that the monthly average cost of home maintenance ranges between $200-$300, with the costs of home repairs due to system breakdowns into the thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars.Homeowners without an extended warranty are at a considerably higher risk of having to pay out of pocket. With the pressures of the struggling economy, inflation, and supply/labor shortages, home repair costs have skyrocketed, with Angi’s 2021 State of Home Spending Report showing a 25% increase from 2020 alone.

Vehicle Owners at Risk

The Car Care Council found that 84% of vehicles on US roadways at any given time require servicing, making them less safe. Similarly, research from Utires reveals that 91.8% of Americans surveyed put off or postpone vehicle maintenance. This inevitably leads to bigger and costlier problems down the road, many of which are not covered by insurance.

Even More Troubling Statistics:

  • 61% of Americans are unable to afford unexpected vehicle repairs of $1000 (Bankrate, 2021).
  • 40% of adult Americans are unable to cover unexpected vehicle repair bills of $400 (Ally, 2020).

Research from NerdWallet and PEGA echoesthis sentiment, stating that nearly 1 out of every 10 warranty owners uses their coverage and policy, extracting considerable value. With car repair costs up 926.69% since 1968 (OfficialData.org), and average warranty  payouts of $850 industry-wide (Consumer Reports, 2020), savvy vehicle owners are flocking to get the coverage they need.



When your auto manufacturer’s warranty is about to run out or has run out, you’re responsible for any mechanical breakdowns your vehicle incurs. That can lead to thousands of dollars in auto and home repairs. Haywire Protection can shield you from those high costs with a vehicle protection plan that will pay the mechanic directly for parts and labor.

Instant Online Quotes Make Warranties Easy

An intuitive instant online quote process guides customers towards the right policy, taking the guesswork out of home, auto, boat, and RV warranties.

Safe and Secure

Utilizing industry-standard security practices, its customers’ data is always safe and secure.


Within minutes, Haywire Protection can get customers set up with the right plan to protect their assets from disaster.


Haywire Protection’s affordable flat fee structure makes high-value warranties accessible for virtually any budget.

No Pressure / Hassle-Free Process

The extended warranty industry is often known for high-pressure sales tactics, but not at Haywire. Its business is based on a customer-first approach that puts people before profit.



Have the peace of mind that you’re protected against unexpected repair bills that could cost you thousands.